Overdubs and Dubbing

Overdubbing and Dubbing

In the process of producing a Reggae Track, Overdubbing and Dubbing are quite important in the production and post-production sequential preparatory steps. Noticably, in Reggae, Dub Music is maintained as a separate Genre, however, the nature of intrinsic value of such vocal recording and engineering methodologies are interwoven and highly interconnected. As Dub is made, the original production must suffice, yet in Overdubbing - the original production is enhanced for interpreted value. When an artist Overdubs on tracks, as in Jah Moore - Break The Chains, the inherent value of the artists vocals are enhanced.

Audio Engineering Perfection

Inherently, each track possesses the inured value of the vocals and instrumentations, yet specifically - as the tracks of Mixing Lab Studios demonstrate, the purity of sound is required to ensure optimal value of each song. This is demonstrated in the Warning Roots Riddim, particularly with Sinbad on Mount Zion.