Growth of Rastafarian Reggae

Ezroy Francis, Mixing Lab Studio's Main Engineer, maintains expansive experience in regards to development of Niche Market Reggae. Working with Black Uhuru on some of their most foremost tracks during the profound Reggae Era of the mid-to-late 1980's, his production input help the group transform an unknown name of Unity into fame globally. Thus far, that group has become largely famous throughout Jamaica, USA, The Carib, Europe, Asia and even Russia. Although Black Uhuru maintains a growing and burgeoning following in Africa, the group has yet to ascertain certified recognition of the masses there due to existent language barriers and egregiously harsh Radio Banning of their sounds, which last unto today. Black Uhuru laments heavy emotional sound against crucial drum riddims, noting how equivocally dangerous the NeoColonial Apartheid everpresent in many African Nations gripped with Economic Malaise is in nowadays time.