Maghribate Union
Working on Rastafari University to implement Trade Programs to assist Black Community and specifically Rastafarian Community Worldwide using Deflationary Economic Advantage and Premisement of Righteousness to promulgate development for Communities of Rastas in US and Rastafarians in EU Zones. Rasta South America is expected to run fields Operational Guise to grow Marijuana for Transport Markets and integrating Precious Metals Trading for purposement of normalizing Repatriative Investment SCM Union of Tafari Makonnen.
METHODIST ORDAINMENT TO MUSLIMS OF MAGHRIBATE AND JEWS OF TAFARI JAMAICA TO UNITE IN RAS AKWASI PROGRAM AND AVERT BABYLON OPPRESSION INCITEMENT SITUATIONAL DISCORD: 'Specialization found expression' (Deploy Verbiage, Bedouin Peace Making Linguistic Translations, Communique Quotes, and Letters to English Chancery and Her Majesty Queen Victoria's Offspring of Justice) Working against Prostitution by Stabilizing the Conservative Mothers

Diplomacy & Diplomats in 19th Century Asante: Specialization found expression (QUOTE from Diplomacy and Diplomats in Nineteenth Century Asante)

Provisioning opportunities to educate Conservative Youth of Maghribate in Technology to prevent spread of Prostitutice Warfare and Sharia Killings associated with Indian Economic Model and targeting of Light Skinned Maghribate Humankind. Supporting Conservative Counsels and developing Charter for progress of Maghribate to avoid Ceutan Slave Trading of Maghribate Women not chartered to Enslavement lives. Reconciliation Education is needed for Maghribate Union to assure continuation of Ancient Conservative Society to progress and end Terrorism. Mistreatment of Music Staff working on $100T per day program to provide jobs and maintain security for Staff of Maghribate Union Cultural Outreach Work Program. Mpatapo Educational Media will be renamed in November 2021 after paying another 10 months of Mandated Corporate Excisement Tax to encourage Development of Religious Training Programs in Massachusetts Free State. Seeking to educate underserved communities formerly afflicted by Neocolonialism, War Premised Prostitutice Deprivement, Racketeering Premised Deprivement, Colonialism and Slavery Encharterment Exploitation utilizing methodical promotion of equality, justice, and societal order.

North African History associated with The Empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai can provide relocative lore to attract EcoTourism Tea Growth Trade to Maghribate and prevent continuation of Hashish and Prostitutice Warfare Training being primary economic activity of Morocco. Studying North African Royal Diaspora History is quite important and exciting for persons in the West to communicate with Maroc in concernment to comprehending an End to Prostitutice Warfare and Evictive Prostitutice Intrusions associated with Black Americans and Former Combatant Investment Factions whom poisoned the Sahara using extensive Bombing Runs, Deprivement Arson Terrorism, Racketeering Racial Attack Terrorism, Speciated Targeting of Suppositive Prostitutice Offspring, Bank Extortionate Enterprisement Terrorism, Seizure Racketeering with Intent to State Invasion, Prostitutice 'Desert Aquifer' Water Gathering Incitement Racketeering, and Carthaging Cultures.

We ask the peoples of Maghrib and European Union to discuss the Ravit Shah Kingdom and SCM Network in 50 UNH Hampshire Free State. Moreover, Reconciliation Education is being planned for the structural growth of Massachusetts, including hiring Royaume Du Maroc and European Union Espagna to found the Massachusetts Securities and Exchange Commission for Stock Floating by both New Hampshire and Massachusetts to incur development subsequent to the Seizure of Charles Taylor's Asset Base and to provident a better future of New England using all legal methods available to reach the 100 UMASS Realm and 50 UNH Realm before 2021 November. State Buildings Construction, including Hospitals that care about Minorities and treat them with due respect and advanced medicine can proceduralize the requisite leeway to achieve visions of Martin Luther King, interpreted in modern terms.

We ask the Peoples and Royal Families of Maghrib to mourn the losses of Hani Hanjour, and others whom were tricked by Rape Extortion Customs Officials to attack New York City and Virginia Langley as we the Maghribate ineffectively toppled and tried Saddam Hussein, the Chief Depriver of Tea Peoples and Tobacco Peoples.

We pray for their sisters and cousins whom have made a chance to end Slavery through Technological Development and Freedom of Peace.

We pray for the Victims of Homosexual Torturement and Child Molestation, to not attack but to mourn in peace with Tobacco, Tea and non-delusionates that occur Christmas Eid every day.

We pray The International Criminal Court at The Hague will sustain all offences and establish Courts in every Maghribate Union Village, City, Township, and Prefecture to End Prostitution, Torture and Homosexual Intrusionary Rape Terrorism.
Tafari Vision 2020 - Conglomeration Prospects (Collective Security)

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